Photos are like mirrors - if you feel weird, uncomfortable, or worried, the images will show it. If you don't trust the person who follows you all day, your gallery will show that, too. I want you to enjoy the experience of working with me, as much as the beautiful photos I will send you once our collaboration comes to an end.

my approach







Let's face it, no one knows what to do with their hands. Don't worry though! My approach is to create a space where you can be your truest self. Whether you want to be reserved with your partner or off the rails crazy - I support it! And if you're still unsure, I love giving subtle direction so you can keep your mind off those hands and on what matters most - your partner.

As an artist, I do better when I know more about the people whose love story I'll be capturing. It's such an honor to photograph your wedding and I don't take your trust lightly. I can be more than a vendor though! Whether it's calling your wedding party by name, cracking jokes with your dad, or helping get the perfect shot with your mom - I'm there. Connection is key and I'm here for it!

Your wedding day isn't just about photos - it's about so much more! It's about celebrating your love with the people that are most important to you. I respect that and I'm here to serve you on your big day. All I want to do is create remarkable images that are meaningful to you, but I'll never sacrifice that at the cost of your experience. I want you to feel special, beautiful, and seen during our time together.

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we feel a little nervous about the couples photos. Do you do a lot of posing?

Do you need a shot list?

No, I love photographing the day as it unfolds, but don't hesitate to let me know about important details that you want photographed. When in doubt, just let me know!

When it comes to family/group photos, I stongly recommend having a list of the arrangements that you'd like photographed.

No, I love providing actions and subtle direction, but most of those prompts are guided by how you naturally interact with your partner. I want you to feel and look like your authentic self.



Are you available for an in-person consultation?

why should we hire you?

There are two reasons you should hire me. First is that you want a pro that can't not only take remarkable photos, but can also make you feel at ease on your big day.

Second is that you resonate with my vision. Something drew you to my website and it's most likely the way I photograph and edit wedding photography. Let's face it, there are loads of photographers out there, but our vision and how we capture the day is what sets us worlds apart.

Absolutely! I require a phone or video consultation before booking any client to make sure we're a great fit.